The Angel Method

The Angel Method creates a “balanced-Brain State” significantly reducing resistance to recovery in the subconscious mind. Creating Authentic breakthroughs, genuine awakenings and deep empowerment.
The angel Method has successfully treated symptoms of
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Compulsive behaviours
• Overeating
• Low Self-esteem
• Trauma
As well as:
• Motivation
• Financial goals
• sales targets
• wellbeing
• abundance
• relationships
• post domestic violence and sexual assault
• Abundance
• Productivity
and more.
The Angel Method is a simple, direct, accurate and painless person-friendly technique of communicating with the subconscious. The Angel methods effectiveness is felt immediately with surprising fast-acting accuracy.
The Angel Method creates a clear and precise avenue to allow immediate access to the subconscious directly to supplant limiting beliefs, behaviours conditioning and programming with productive, proactive, balanced patterns and behaviours to support your goals in life.
Using the Angel Method changes limiting beliefs rapidly and easily with surprising simplicity because the subconscious processes information a million times faster than the conscious mind.
As effective as The Angel Method is, it doesn’t mean that one session is all that’s required; at the subconscious level, there are many self-limiting beliefs, which reflect on how we experience our daily life.
Post Trauma recovery and post-trauma growth

Holding the Space for YOUR RAPID Recovery

PTSD – Triggers – Depression – Flashbacks – Anxiety

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